Waterfront Studios



The control room features a vintage Helios Console, 3M 24-track tape machine, 3M 2-track master deck, and ATC SCM200 monitors.

The tracking space has both a 1892 Steinway Concert D and a 1924 7’ Gaveau.  Other keyboards in the church include Hammond B3, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, and Celeste. The guitar box provides 80dB of isolation with the player in the live area.  The drum booth diffusion design provides control of ambience from dead to live.  The drums are a vintage Ludwig kit, maintained by Henry for proper tuning and resonance. 

Built inside an 1869 church in the Hudson Valley, the tracking space measures 70’ by 40’ with a 35’ ceiling. Acoustical tiling added by the previous congregation has deadened the reverb time to 1.3s

Acoustician Ross Alexander has designed treatment for the space to provide areas for focused sound recording of drums, vocals, and guitars.  The main room remains open to provide beautiful orchestral ambience.